Witbe announces the launch of its QoE Snapshots

Witbe, a leader in quality of experience monitoring, has announced the launch of its QoE Snapshots. In the same way that a consumer report tests a product and publishes an analysis of its overall quality, the Witbe QoE Snapshots tests digital...Read more

Witbe unveils VQ-ID

Witbe has announced its latest video algorithm: Witbe Video Quality Incident Detection, or VQ-ID. This powerful new video algorithm is capable of detecting every major video and audio incident. It is the result of 10 years of experience in video...Read more

Cloud-service OTT video monitoring offer launched

Witbe has announced the launch of its new cloud-service offer for OTT video monitoring. Already adopted on-premise by multiple operators and broadcasters to analyse and optimise the quality of their OTT video services, this offer can now be...Read more

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