IABM DC launches GMVR Essentials

IABM DC has announced the launch of GMVR Essentials. Using individual category data from IABM DC’s industry-leading Global Market Valuation and Strategy Report (GMVR), GMVR Essentials enables every broadcast and media technology company to access critical information on just the individual product and/or service segment(s) in which their company operates – at a price that makes compelling sense to underpin their business planning.

GMVR Essentials reports include essential market data tables and sizing for specific categories of products/services as well as a strategic overview of industry trends, regional dynamics, and emerging technologies – offering laser-focused, authoritative and comprehensive data and market trends.

There are 22 GMVR Essentials Reports available; these are listed on the IABM DC website, with a summary of the contents, as well as pricing information. GMVR Essentials are available to both members and non-members of IABM – the former at preferential prices. GMVR Essentials reports also include a comprehensive, 120 page, strategic industry overview, giving an authoritative picture of key facts and trends across the whole broadcast and media industry - providing essential context for business planning.

As part of the GMVR Essentials initiative, IABM DC is also able to produce a la carte GMVR Essentials reports, allowing companies to pick and choose the elements essential to their businesses.

“We have launched GMVR Essentials in response to requests from companies that only presently operate in a narrow sector of the market but who need accurate data, sizing and forecasting just as much as larger, broader organisations do,” said Peter White, IABM CEO. “GMVR Essentials answer this requirement, and also give companies solid information to assess potential new market areas. GMVR Essentials will turn strategic planning for 2018 and beyond into a much more informed process and prove to be a great investment. And as well as focusing planning, GMVR Essentials reports will also provide a credible, authoritative background for companies’ 2018 budgets – invaluable for board approval and investor confidence.”