Net Insight incorporates ScheduALL into main brand

Net Insight has announced that ScheduALL's brand is now incorporated into the company's umbrella brand. Acquired by Net Insight in September 2015, ScheduALL products and solutions will now be marketed under the Net Insight banner.

ScheduALL brings expertise in an area that is complementary to Net Insight's core, strengthening its position in the media service and workflow orchestration arenas. The enhanced solution portfolio will further ensure high quality media content across networks - from camera lens to the end viewer's screen.

"Net Insight's ScheduALL solutions fall in line with our vision to provide end-to-end solution to better serve the broadcast and television market across production, contribution and distribution," said Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight. "Net Insight is increasingly becoming a more relevant company and brand to a larger part of the broadcast and media community and promises to shape the future of the media industry. Integrating ScheduALL into the Net Insight family is a crucial part of that evolving plan."

Anna Karin Verneholt, vice president of strategy, marketing and communications at Net Insight, said: "There has been immense value invested in the ScheduALL brand and it will continue as the name for our scheduling product line. With one common brand and approach to the market Net Insight will be a strong driver of trends across the entire media industry and will enable us to differentiate ourselves from the competition."

Since the acquisition of ScheduALL, Net Insight has accelerated the deployment of advanced solutions, providing automated, assured orchestration for on-demand network services. Net Insight has also won high profile awards and industry kudos with its customer provisioned network (CPN) proposition, which it now offers on the back of integrating ScheduALL's products into the company's portfolio.