Northern Waves morning agenda and speakers revealed

Northern Waves is a TV-tech and business conference taking place on 31 May 2018. This one-day event will feature speakers including leaders, specialists and decision makers from the TV industry who will be presenting topics on how TV technology impacts the business directions of streaming service owners and the industry itself.

The morning sessions revolve around efficient video management, where topics concerning video formats within the streaming world that impact today´s streaming service business plans will be explored. According to the organiser, the main objective of Northern Waves is to ensure the industry is aligned with the various elements that fuel fragmentation and how one should consider its impact on the business of streaming. Key decision makers and influencers from globally recognised broadcasters and service providers will then discuss how to they align their own businesses within the TV industry.


Efficient video management (organisation and unification of TV-tech standards):
With the infinite growth of content libraries and an increasing demand for higher quality video, the need for efficient compression of content is becoming more and more important in the TV industry. In order to manage costs and operations, the TV technology industry should organise TV standards that keep up with market trends and be adopted across the technical value chain by major players in a region.
Northern Waves will look at how new video codecs such as HEVC and AV1 can add value and, more importantly, when and how they would be used. In the morning sessions standardisation of delivery formats throughout the value chain of TV streaming will be discussed, looking at how this can save cost and improve operations for both broadcasters and operators.

The morning presentations on video codecs, encoding and industry standardisation will be followed by an interactive panel debate between leaders from the broadcast industry, discussing how they can work together to solve the challenges the industry is facing. This panel features Henke Erichsen, CTO at Canal Digital, Jérôme Franck, CEO at Riks TV, and Tine Jensen, CEO of Discovery Nordics. Their objective is to engage the industry and inspire others to start working together to solve the issues as streaming video continues to grow apace. Tine Jensen will also present on the performance at the Winter Olympics 2018.


Morning Sessions (09.00 – 12.30)

Codecs: HEVC vs AV1 - the current scene and predictions by Ian Trow, technology consultant.

Encoding: Efficiencies and techniques. Speaker TBA.

Standardisation: A global exchange format - broadcast and online by Andy Wilson, DPP and former head, centre of technology, BBC.


Leadership debate: Unification of TV-tech standards | fragmentation | creating a TV inner circle.
Tine Jensen, CEO, Discovery Norway.
Henke Erichsen, CTO, Canal Digial.
Jérôme Franck-Sætervoll, CEO, RiksTV.
Marius Sonvoll Haugen, head of development, GET TDC.

Keynote: Olympics 2018: Digital delivery and success factors by Tine Jensen, CEO, Discovery Norway.